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The Glitterlings  are curious, fun-loving, polyglots who come from two stars left of the moon to ignite a love of learning languages and an understanding of inclusivity in young children. The story books are designed to be used in class and taken home and read with parents.  Spaces are provided for key words and phrases to be written in the home language helping young children create vital links between home and school languages. The series includes nine Story Books (each with an accompanying cd), three “Big Books”, an Activity Book, and a Teacher Resource Book
“The Glitterlings is an engaging program to transmit the concept that language(s) are fun and accessible and encourage young children (and their teachers and parents) to take advantage of their natural ability to acquire new words in any, and all, languages. The carefully designed program, supported by the best educational practices for this age, will delight young children through the engaging characters, both children and Glittlerings. While enjoying the stories and activities young learners will be inspired to listen more carefully to the language(s) around them. This encouragement to use their own home language and acquire words in other languages will reinforce the understanding that we can all be polyglots. Alma Flor Ada Professor Emerita at the University of San Francisco
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“While research findings in the field of language learning may differ, one conclusion remains constant. Children need a strong home language as the foundation for life as a successful, independent, multi-lingual learner. Their language is their connection to their culture and to their identity. Built on this base, a connected world now demands the ability and confidence to master other languages and connect to other cultures. These books support these key learning needs, in ways that are attractive, engaging and fun. Good stories for a good purpose!” Kevin Bartlett Director, the International School of Brussels Co-Founder, The Common Ground Collaborative
“The Glitterlings books are far more than delightful - they are an important, much needed multilingual resource ... In a playful and lively manner the Glitterling stories send the following messages to young children:      Language is fun!  Language is important!  Languages matter.  Languages should be valued and respected.     Languages are different and similar.  Languages are an important part of one’s identity.     Languages can be shared, discovered and explored.  Like a Glittering, I can be a polyglot.” Roma Chumak-Horbatsch Associate Professor Ryerson University
“These delightfully clever and entertaining books are based on the very latest research foundations for early learning in multilingual contexts, affirming that multilingualism can be developed and celebrated, while at the same time valuing and supporting all children's home languages.” Virginia P. Collier, Ph.D. Professor Emerita of Bilingual/Multicultural/ESL Education George Mason University
“Glitterlings represents a giant step forward within the field of Early Childhood Education in recognising that children’s languages are powerful tools for exploring and expanding their worlds and are inseparable from their evolving identities. Eithne Gallagher’s pedagogy of interlingual teaching provides teachers and parents with effective everyday strategies for connecting languages in ways that stimulate cognitive and emotional growth. Just like the classroom it depicts, this series sparkles with the exuberance of young minds confidently generating insights about language, learning, and the world at large.”  Dr. Jim Cummins Professor Emeritus University of Toronto
“There can be no more worthwhile project than building children’s capacities to understand and appreciate how their language and the languages of others make meaning. This wonderfully creative series of books will allow teachers to light that spark, to introduce the world of other languages to their students in a gentle and meaningful way, by giving all students the opportunity to learn how to mean in other languages.” Brian Dare Language and literacy consultant Co-author & course leader for ESL in the Mainstream
“Listening to stories is one of the most significant ways in which children learn about the world around them. As they engage in the narratives they come to know what is valued and what can be hoped for. These values and hopes will guide them in future choices and motivations. The Glitterings teach children that learning languages is of extreme importance and something they can aspire to do. The series should be part of any classroom that seriously seeks to promote multilingualism.”  Carol Inugai-Dixon  Former language and learning director IBO, The Hague Guest professor at the University of Tsukuba
“Enticing, engaging and based on sound research, every aspect of the Glitterlings puts the child first, embodying best practice developed in multilingual classrooms throughout the world.” Viv Edwards Professor of Language in Education University of Reading
“The polyglot Glitterlings may come from two stars left of the moon, but on earth, where young multilingual children are being educated, this English language program gets five stars. Gallagher takes these very young multilingual learners of English on a journey of expansion in which English exists in connection with their own home language and the languages of others in the classrooms. Through the power of the polyglot Glitterlings, Gallagher challenges the children not only to enter the English language universe, but also to listen to others, to become polyglots, and to feel proud and secure in their multilingual ability and recognize it in others.  Based on the latest research on language learning, the interlingual approach of the Glitterlings’ books helps young children appropriate the new linguistic features of English in relationship with those they already posses, building a strong foundation for their own language and literacy development, as well as supporting the multilingual planet in which we live.”  Ofelia García Professor Ph.D. programs at The Graduate Center, City University of New York
“FINALLY! A series that celebrates and promotes children’s multilingual/multicultural backgrounds as a foundation for promoting the acquisition of English. There is growing research evidence of rich and dynamic inter- relationships between multilinguals’ language and cultural competencies. But, for too long, books for children have ignored these critical links. This beautifully-illustrated series fills this gap and provides lots of helpful suggestions for turning classrooms into multilingual/multicultural ones. This series will move classrooms in exciting new directions as teachers and students make connections between the languages and cultures they already know and English.” Fred Genesee Professor Emeritus Psychology Department McGill University
“Join the lovable Glitterlings as they embark upon adventures and navigate their way through a multilingual world alongside the children in Ms. Glyn’s classroom.  The Glitterlings delight in learning about the world and the many languages around them.  This colorful, child-friendly series provides rich vocabulary and English language development while highlighting the value of learning many languages as well as expertly weaving home language integration into the text.  Social-emotional issues such as friendships and transitions are also addressed through these highly-readable stories.  Parents and teachers of young children will find this series highly entertaining and educational.  Three cheers for Gallagher and her Glitterlings.”  Kerry Girod-Fedha Elementary Principle Marymount International School Rome
“The Glitterlings glitter! With this series of beautifully illustrated books, Eithne Gallagher speaks to young children. She tells children through fun stories that they can become bilingual, shows how wonderful it is to be able to speak multiple languages and to be sensitive to others who are different from us. These are valuable messages for any parent or teacher for whom the gift of language and cultural diversity is important to give to their children.” Else Hamayan, Ph.D. Author & Former Director Illinois Resource Center
“This programme was long overdue.  There are millions of children around the world who attend English language schools but who use another mother tongue in their home community. Finally we have a series that helps our youngest learners to blend these experiences and that supports their teachers and families, encouraging children to be proud of their home language as they become proficient in English. Eithne Gallagher and Miranda Walker's attractive and interactive series brings a major contribution to multicultural schools, bilingual families and most of all to the young learners who are fortunate to be growing up with access to such rich language resources.”  Terry Haywood Head, International School of Milan
“I love the Glitterlings! The Glitterlings provides an exemplary course for interlingual teaching and learning, incorporating best practice strategies for teachers and parents. It is an invaluable resource for any Early Years classroom. May our world sparkle with young Glitterlings who value languages and cultures, and are learning to live and model intercultural understanding for us all.” Debra Rader Educator, Author and Transition Specialist